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Fri Dec 30 15:13:40 GMT 2005

Hi all,

Some KDE applications needs custom URI schemes. One such is KMyMoney, as 
discussed kde-devel some time ago. Gentle Internet citizen as we are we cannot 
simply make up schemes because of the interoperability problems it would lead 
to; writing an RFC is too hefty, and the alternative remaining, to make a 
long story short, is to use the tag scheme.

I quote from the attached document:

The tag scheme combines a host name with a date to create a unique URI 
scheme(the date makes the URI immune to change in ownership of the domain 
name). KDE applications can use the tag scheme with the domain by 
following a slightly constrained syntax of the tag scheme:,2004:
[application name]:[application specific string]. For example:,2004:KMyApplication:MyKApplicationData. The application name 
ensures that a URI does not clash with another KDE application. 

I suggest what the quote says: that KDE applications can use the tag scheme 
with the domain. In other words, attached is a document, similar to 
the binary compatibility document on, which is intended to 
ensure URIs concerning are somewhat organized and consistent. Comments 
& suggestions are appreciated. (source is Docbook, attached is XHTML 

Indeed, a year ago a similar guidelines idea was suggested but was met with 
distaste. What I want to achieve is 1) to give KDE applications a convenient 
alternative such that rogue URI schemes aren't invented; and 2) Organize 
custom URI schemes such that they are consistent(pretty) and doesn't clash. 
Anyway which can achieve that would solve the problems I try to solve with 
this document.


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