Custom URI schemes & KDE

David Faure faure at
Fri Dec 30 15:13:54 GMT 2005

On Friday 30 December 2005 16:13, Frans Englich wrote:
> Hi all,
> Some KDE applications needs custom URI schemes. One such is KMyMoney, as 
> discussed kde-devel some time ago. Gentle Internet citizen as we are we cannot 
> simply make up schemes because of the interoperability problems it would lead 
> to

I don't get it.
Either the custom URL is purely internal to the application - and then it really doesn't matter
much what it uses, since it can't clash with another application's internal custom URLs -
or the URL is used to actually load the files using KIO, and then we need a normal-looking
protocol to get the associated kioslave, not a ",2004:KMyApplication" protocol.
What do I miss?

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