platform independent kdeinit/klauncher (was KDE4's IPC)

nf2 nf2 at
Thu Dec 29 19:16:03 GMT 2005

Stefan Teleman wrote:

>On Thursday 29 December 2005 05:41, Andras Mantia wrote:
>>>Not really. Can't be used by anyone outside Qt/KDE.
>>I don't get it. Is it meant to be used outside at all? (Yes, somehow via
>>Rudy in the future).
>i am the CTO of Big Corporation, Inc. i want to standardize my company's 
>desktop to KDE. 10000 desktops in all. i have some very complex internally 
>developed applications which are the money-makers in my company. KDE is very 
>nice, i love it, that's why i choose it, but it does not make me any money 
>for my business, my business makes money selling green widgets.
>i have to rewrite our internal applications and integrate them into KDE, which 
>i am perfectly wiling to do, since KDE will be our brand new shiny standard 
>my company's middleware infrastructure is standardized on CORBA. our internal 
>applications must be integrated into KDE, therefore i must have a way of 
>bridging KDE and CORBA. i am the customer, and this is a make or break 
>feature requirement, because our internal applications receive real time 
>async notifications from our worldwide sites, and these notifications may 
>take some further action at the receiver's end, depending on what they are. 
>we currently achieve this with CORBA callbacks.
>how do i integrate KDE into our standardized CORBA environment ? if the answer 
>is that i have to spend money developing CORBA bindings to DCOP or DBUS, then 
>i'm sorry but i will forego KDE and look at other alternatives which have 
>CORBA support, or at least have a way of easily integrating CORBA bindings. 
>my company does not make money developing open source software. we make money 
>selling green widgets.
>i was personally involved in a discussion like this, about KDE, 2 years ago. 
>the only thing i have changed is the green widgets part (this company does 
>not make money selling green widgets, but something else). the outcome was 
>that this company looked somewhere else.
>good luck to me trying to bring up KDE again next year. they won't even pay 
Isn't that just a main-loop problem?


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