platform independent kdeinit/klauncher (was KDE4's IPC)

Gary Greene greeneg at
Thu Dec 29 19:41:15 GMT 2005

On Thursday 29 December 2005 2:16 pm, nf2 wrote:
> Stefan Teleman wrote:
> >On Thursday 29 December 2005 05:41, Andras Mantia wrote:
> >>>Not really. Can't be used by anyone outside Qt/KDE.
> >>
> >>I don't get it. Is it meant to be used outside at all? (Yes, somehow via
> >>Rudy in the future).
> >
> >i am the CTO of Big Corporation, Inc. i want to standardize my company's
> >desktop to KDE. 10000 desktops in all. i have some very complex internally
> >developed applications which are the money-makers in my company. KDE is
> > very nice, i love it, that's why i choose it, but it does not make me any
> > money for my business, my business makes money selling green widgets.
> >
> >i have to rewrite our internal applications and integrate them into KDE,
> > which i am perfectly wiling to do, since KDE will be our brand new shiny
> > standard desktop.
> >
> >my company's middleware infrastructure is standardized on CORBA. our
> > internal applications must be integrated into KDE, therefore i must have
> > a way of bridging KDE and CORBA. i am the customer, and this is a make or
> > break feature requirement, because our internal applications receive real
> > time async notifications from our worldwide sites, and these
> > notifications may take some further action at the receiver's end,
> > depending on what they are. we currently achieve this with CORBA
> > callbacks.
> >
> >how do i integrate KDE into our standardized CORBA environment ? if the
> > answer is that i have to spend money developing CORBA bindings to DCOP or
> > DBUS, then i'm sorry but i will forego KDE and look at other alternatives
> > which have CORBA support, or at least have a way of easily integrating
> > CORBA bindings. my company does not make money developing open source
> > software. we make money selling green widgets.
> >
> >i was personally involved in a discussion like this, about KDE, 2 years
> > ago. the only thing i have changed is the green widgets part (this
> > company does not make money selling green widgets, but something else).
> > the outcome was that this company looked somewhere else.
> >
> >good luck to me trying to bring up KDE again next year. they won't even
> > pay attention.
> >
> >--Stefan
> Isn't that just a main-loop problem?
> Norbert

No, this is not a "main loop problem" as you put it. This is a CORBA 
communications infrastructure issue. As Thiago mentioned in another mailing, 
KDE chose NOT to support CORBA due to performance issues in the KDE 2.x 
development cycle. To really support CORBA, KDE needs (read should) to have 
native class support for it, not a tack on to the kapplication or Qt main 
loop. This discussion sounds like a "I like this technology because...." 
thread. I favor a view of "show me the code," then we can really talk about 

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