platform independent kdeinit/klauncher (was KDE4's IPC)

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Thu Dec 29 18:57:07 GMT 2005

Stefan Teleman wrote:
>my company's middleware infrastructure is standardized on CORBA. our
> internal applications must be integrated into KDE, therefore i must
> have a way of bridging KDE and CORBA. i am the customer, and this is a
> make or break feature requirement, because our internal applications
> receive real time async notifications from our worldwide sites, and
> these notifications may take some further action at the receiver's end,
> depending on what they are. we currently achieve this with CORBA
> callbacks.

That would be the first I've ever heard of an application requiring CORBA 
bindings. No, I'm not saying they don't exist, I'm just saying this is 
the first.

And, as the first, obviously the support doesn't exist. It's like wishing 
KDE had features no one used, no one had foreseen the need for.

So, yes, in order to integrate, this company, when rewriting their 
internal software, would have to find some CORBA bindings. Or develop 
them. Or convince someone to do it. That's how Open Source works.

I'm sorry, but we cannot support everything under the sun. We considered 
CORBA and gave up (and gained a huge boost in performance thereby). If we 
standardise on DBus, people will complain about DCE and DCOP going away. 
If we standardise on DCE, people will complain that DBus is not supported 
and that we don't interoperate. So we need to make compromises.

>how do i integrate KDE into our standardized CORBA environment ? if the
> answer is that i have to spend money developing CORBA bindings to DCOP
> or DBUS, then i'm sorry but i will forego KDE and look at other
> alternatives which have CORBA support, or at least have a way of easily
> integrating CORBA bindings. my company does not make money developing
> open source software. we make money selling green widgets.

Right. My last client made money selling telephone services. And yet they 
had a whole department that developed applications for them, using a 
proprietary and per-seat ERP software. And the OS and desktop they used 
(the one from Redmond) did not have any bindings to the low-level 
language this ERP software used. Did they try to convince Microsoft to 
switch Windows to integrate that language? No.

If a company wants personalised software, they spend money. That's life. 
The opposite is also true: if you don't want to spend money, you get 
off-the-shelf software.

>good luck to me trying to bring up KDE again next year. they won't even
> pay attention.

Just a question: what did they find as an alternative to KDE?

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