Standard gettext PO format

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Thu Dec 29 14:01:04 GMT 2005

On Thursday 29 December 2005 10:46, Nicolas Goutte wrote:
> > Extending the current code wasn't much of a problem (but it's all hack),
> > *providing* that one would be satisfied with retaining KDE's plural form
> > choosing scheme. To be clear, PO file would contain standard plural
> > translations (msgstr[xx] stuff), but KDE would take the proper form as it
> > does now (specified via that message in kdelibs.po). The Plural-Forms
> > header field would be there only as a dummy, say for msgfmt to do its
> > checks. If this approach is feasible (as transitional perhaps, no BC
> > breaks would be needed to replace it), I can present a patch.
> I would very much like to avoid to keep this KDE-specific plural form, even
> more if the PO files needs the Gettext formula anyway.

May be the Gettext formula of kdelibs.po could be used. That would not need 
another message but would not allow a free choice like Gettext offers either.

As for the message of the KDE-specific plural form declaration, it needs to be 
changed for KDE4 in a way or another anyway, as currently it asks to email to 
Thoms Diehl (or to Stephan Kulow) but Thomas Diehl is known not to have time 
for KDE, unfortunately. So if we change the message for KDE4, it would be the 
best if it could be removed entirely.

> As for BC, as it is KDE4, we do not care much. (It is just a problem with
> the kdelibs snapshot.)

Have a nice day!

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