Standard gettext PO format

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Fri Dec 30 12:55:40 GMT 2005

On Thursday 29 December 2005 14:31, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Nicolas Goutte wrote:
> >If you have that (even if not completely finsihed), please add it to
> >branches/work/kde4-l10n/scripts
> Why not trunk/KDE/kdesdk/scripts ?

trunk/l10n is still on the KDE3 side (especially KOffice 1.5 is still there, 
not counting the playgrounds and (unstable) extragears.)

Also some of the new scripts are potentially incompatible with KDE3.

This in the discussions about updated KDE 3.5.x documentation (mainly between 
Lauri Watts and me on kde-i18n-doc) it was decided to put that documentation 
in trunk (including trunk/l10n). So it means that KDE 4's l10n has to be put 
elsewhere until trunk/l10n can be used (in many months).

Have a nice day!

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