Qt-DBUS (was: KDE4's IPC)

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Tue Dec 27 16:13:08 GMT 2005

Kevin Krammer wrote:
>> Don't take this the wrong way, but why are you bothering with the Qt3
>> bindings at all?
>My estimation is that Qt3 will be used for applications, especially by
> ISVs, for a least another year.
>And based on my current knowledge about the KDE4 timeframe I think that
> KDE3 will be the commonly deployed KDE platform for about the same
> time.

Right, but KDE3 will not use DBUS, except for two instances I know of 
(mediamanager talking to HAL and the Kopete-Skype plugin).

>So, if I want to offer some technology for third party developers to use
> KDE features, my options are kind of limited to:
>- using the current Qt3 D-Bus bindings (they don't even have
> implementations for all methods they have declared)
>- using new Qt3 bindings
>- re-implementing all relevant KDE classes to not require KApplication
> (e.g. KRun)
>- transparently creating KApplication instance (I did this before but it
> is an artificial restriction)
>- creating external tool programs that can do the KDE communication

You forgot the 6th and most obvious one:
- use KDE libraries and DCOP

I don't see how writing a DBUS binding will help third-party applications 
talk to DCOP-speaking KDE3 applications.

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