kdebase and Plasma

Gregory Hayes syncomm at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 01:31:50 GMT 2005

I was just poking through the kdebase/workspace/plasma code (trunk) and
related website and came up with a few questions:

1. Will kicker be completely rebuilt using libplasma? (ala the Superkaramba
replacements currently out there)
2. Will the current Superkarama API be integrated or something entirely new?
3. With the javascript language binding, could it be possible to import OS X
Dashboard widgets?
4. Since there is only a little code out there, other than getting the unit
test/ dir building, is there anything developers outside the Plasma core
team can do to help out? Are there potential things we should watch out for
when working on other kdebase components, or items we should ignore
bugfixing/porting because of their impending replacement with components of


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