Remove KProgress?

Caleb Tennis caleb at
Tue Dec 27 12:37:51 GMT 2005

I wrote the entry while I was scanning kdelibs for some possible changes and 
it looked like KProgress could be refactored back to QProgressBar, but 
instead of making the change I wanted someone else to have a look and verify 
the same thing.

If you've drawn this same conclusion and it seems that the folks on 
kde-core-devel don't mind then it's probably okay to change.  Keep in mind 
that many people are gone on for the holidays at the moment, so the number of 
replys may be limited for a little bit.


On Tuesday 27 December 2005 07:41, you wrote:
> Hi Caleb
> I've seen that the kdelibs TODO entry about KProgress is written by you.
> I'm working on porting Q3ProgressBar. Some days ago I've started a thread
> on kde-core-devel about KProgress. Can you please comment this thread? And
> also explain that:
> The only benefit I can see is the ability to set the format, but it seems
> like the style API should be able to handle that automatically.
> Bye
> urs

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