KDE 3.5.1 and 3.6

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sat Dec 3 11:42:06 GMT 2005

A Dissabte 03 Desembre 2005 03:10, Thiago Macieira va escriure:
> Gary Cramblitt wrote:
> >What is the state of "freeze" on branches/KDE right now?
> All of the branches on branches/KDE are frozen for good. That means no new
> features and no new user-visible messages, but bug fixes (including
> usability and accessibility ones) are allowed.

I think we could relax that requeriments for KDE 3.5.x, moreover the "no new 
user-visible messages" already got broken, see

I also think we should not release a KDE 3.6 because it will lead to another 
similar case as 3.5, that was supposed to be only an application release with 
minor changes and it has ended beign a full release


> >There are a number of changes I'd like to make in kdeaccessibility/kttsd
> > and I'd rather not wait 1 to 2 years to make them publicly available.
> >
> >
> >There are also a number of accessibility changes that ought to be made
> > in kdelibs.  See the KOffice Accessibility Assessment here for details:
> >
> >http://accessibility.kde.org/reports/
> >
> >Is there going to be a 3.6 release and can I begin working on them in
> >branches/KDE?
> No KDE 3.6 release is planned.
> >I suppose the answer comes down to: is anyone willing (and able) to be
> > the release coordinator for a 3.6 release.
> What we will do is have 3.5.x releases. That's for certain.
> If, on the other hand, you introduce important changes to 3.5 that require
> a break from message- and/or feature-freeze, we could have a special
> release. We should target it for sometime around 6-9 months from now.
> I wouldn't call it 3.6 because many applications have started moving off
> to KDE4 and Qt4 codebases and development has stopped on the KDE3 code.
> It wouldn't be a full KDE release.
> There are, however, applications that would benefit from another release
> (Kopete 0.12 comes to mind, khtml and the PIM suite would probably go as
> well). They could do releases of their own, though.
> So, in the end, I think it's a wait-and-see.
> > (Stephan, I know you'd
> > rather everyone work on KDE 4, but its a long way off.)
> The more people we have on it, the sooner it'll be. If we divert our
> efforts into KDE 3.6, it'll be longer.

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