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Thu Dec 1 19:12:36 GMT 2005

On Monday 21 November 2005 16:02, Michael Brade wrote:
> SVN commit 482140 by brade:
> Revert here, too. The bug doesn't actually seem to be in KDirListerCache
> but is rather a problem with library unloading and the order of deletion:
> In case of Kicker it somehow manages to delete KDirListerCache first, then
> the KDirListers, which obviously won't work. I've mailed Aaron already.


i discussed this with brade, alright. but it was NOT to revert this change. 
this change should not in practice affect anyone IMHO (since the problem was 
ONLY trigged in situations where something went wrong anyways and this simply 
protected as well as possible against it). the times when this affected 
anyone would be in situations such as kicker.

and NO, kicker can't fix this because it is out of kicker's control. it's the 
confluence of various kdelibs classes each individually doing The Right Thing 
for themselves, but not working together (static object deletion based 
cleanup on app exit). in this case, particularly klibloader and kdirlister.

and NOW we hae a 3.5.0 where kicker crashes on logout EVERY TIME in the 
DEFAULT CONFIGURATION. this is beyond stupid.

i spent a fair amount of time working this through and had a long conversation 
with michael about this via private email. and now, to cover a theoretical 
issue, we have a very real practical issue.

i'm not going to simply re-commit, because i think that kind of commit 
fighting is not useful. i'd like to request permission to recommit my changes 
so that 3.5.1 might not suck as much in such an obviously stupid way.


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