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On Thursday 01 December 2005 13:03, you wrote:
> Hmm, not saying I understand the issue at hand, but can't kicker use
> guarded pointers to these classes and KDirListerCache makes sure the
> attached listeners are deleted ?

the issue is that kicker right now relies on static object deletion (due to 
the use of singleton in the menu manager) to get rid of the kmenu(s) that are 
around. and there are klibloader loaded items.

klibloader relies on static object deletion to clean up objects that haven't 
been deleted yet.

kdirlister relies on static object deletion to clean up caches.

we could modify any of those three, and i did. and did so in a way that 
generally works and works well. i modified kdirlister because it was able to 
guard against the pathological case (which can result in further 
complications in even MORE pathological cases that build on the simple 
pathological case, which is michael's concern (and why i think it's not a 
matter of real concern)). 

i don't think it is good design for the libraries to impose requirements 
(which also happen to be undocumented) on app developers due to internal 
implementation decisions made in the libs.

bottom line: my fix works. it was reverted against my wishes (but in 
accordance with michael's, obviously =) on theoretical grounds. and i really 
think that in this particular case, the pragmatic fix is the right one.

i could probably hack around this one particular case in kicker, but i'm 
fairly confident it would just crop up again elsewhere. i don't like fixing 

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