Andy Fawcett andy at athame.co.uk
Tue Aug 30 21:03:23 BST 2005

On Tuesday 30 August 2005 21:33, Lukáš Tinkl wrote:
> Dne út. 30. srpen 2005 20:25 Danny Allen napsal(a):
> > SVN commit 455166 by dannya:
> >
> > cleanup wallpapers for 3.5
> [snip lots of removed files]
> >  D             only_k.jpg
> >  D             only_k.jpg.desktop
> WTF? That is my current wallpaper and now I'm going to see a blank
> desktop? I haven't seen any discussion about this on
> kde-core-devel...

There was some discussion (but no consensus) about removal of some 
graphics on the kde-devel list, Subject: KDE Kleanup, but as far as I 
can see that just referred to tiles.

However, my comment in that thread about

"One thing to consider is that some people may be using some of these 
tiles for their desktop background. It would be a shame to surprise 
them by removing them, so maybe they can be moved to a different module 
(maybe even a new one) so they can still be distributed."

is still valid in the context of today's commits.

So, within 8 minutes of the file being removed, the change has already 
annoyed one user (Lukáš). How many more are going to be extremely 
annoyed by this change?

Cc: kde-core-devel (probably should remove kde-commits in any further 
followups, it's not really a discussion list)


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