Setting up a KDE Jabber Server

Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen admin at
Tue Aug 30 14:10:13 BST 2005

Tuesday 30 August 2005 14:50 skrev Martin Ellis:
> On Tuesday 30 Aug 2005 13:19, Olivier Goffart wrote:
> >  server is not a good server for normal use.  It is very busy,
> > somtimes down.  So it's not recommanded to use it, but everyone use it
> > because it is, for now, a kind of delault.
> >
> > that's a point of a kde jabber server,  give kopete user a better default
> Kopete provides a whole list of public Jabber servers when you click
> Register New Account.
> For nearly all users, their KDE locale settings are going to represent the
> rough whereabouts in the world, so why not suggest a public server
> local to the user by default?
> Certainly the UK one I'm using doesn't seem overloaded.
> Martin

  And i can certainly vouch for the Danish one ( on which i use the 
MSN transport as well.
  However, having a KDE server for those in a country where there is no local 
server, or a reasonable one would to me at least seem a really good idea. It 
would also be a way of showing your alegiance to the KDE project (virus 
marketing is our friend, as has so often been established, just look at 
Firefox). So i'm very much for letting users sign up and get a 
jabber address, in addition to the options already present :) And especially 
the suggestion from Martin here, for using the local servers primarily, but 
with the added extra of giving an easy option to select to use the 
address. Anyway, enough rambling about this from me, carry on ;)

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