XPath 2.0; i18n & XQuery

Frans Englich frans.englich at telia.com
Mon Aug 29 15:16:06 BST 2005


A quick notification on what happens on the XPath 2.0 front.

In branches/work/kdom/xpath/ resides an XPath 2.0 implementation, KXPath, 
which have three aspects that might be of interest:

* XPath 2.0 have support for string collations, that string comparisons can be 
done in an i18n/l10n-aware way. For example, that strings are sorted in a 
language specific way, or that strings are considered equal even though they 
aren't on the codepoint level. I know little about collations as well as 
usage scenarios in KDE(if any), and therefore haven't planned collation 
support. Hence, if anyone has an interest in collations, it needs to be 
expressed, and implementation details discussed.

* XQuery has XPath 2.0 as a subset. What's distinct, as well as one of the 
heavy parts to implement, with XQuery is the type system, and that's one of 
the things KXPath have in place. If there's an interest for XQuery, KXPath is 
in likely a good foundation. How to implement XQuery appears to me relatively 
concrete, one can describe it in terms of files and functions.

* Similarly, KXPath contains a (currently incomplete) implementation of `W3C 
XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes'. Hence, if one have an interest in fully 
implementing WXS, or a bindings generator or what not, it can be a good idea 
to look at KXPath & coordinate, such that efforts and code is saved.



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