Fwd: Re: kde-games package removal proposal

Andreas Beckermann b_mann at gmx.de
Tue Aug 30 02:12:45 BST 2005

most of the discussion (unfortunately) took place on kde-core-devel only, so I 
thought I forward this mail to here.
I think it pretty much names the important arguments and summarizes what I 
myself see as the general consensus: remove ksmiletris from kdegames.

The other games that were mentioned in the discussion should remain in there 
for now, as obviously they are working (though usually unmaintained - but 
that doesn't matter for mature games, I believe) and have a userbase.
I in particular agree on the ksame vs. klickety thing here and think at least 
for now we should keep both of them.

So if nobody comes up with a objection, I guess I will remove ksmiletris at 
some point for KDE4.
(CC'ing kde-core-devel because of this announcement)


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Subject: Re: kde-games package removal proposal
Date: Monday 29 August 2005 18:53
From: Rainer Endres <endres at physos.org>
To: kde-core-devel at kde.org


On Monday 22 August 2005 16:02, Leo Savernik wrote:
> Am Samstag, 20. August 2005 22:31 schrieb Danny Allen:
> > Can we have a decision on my proposal then?
> > My proposal: remove KSmileTris from kdegames for 3.5, due to its
> > unmaintained nature, poor graphics and usability, and duplicated
> > functionality in the better KSirtet (which has much more scope for
> > improvement with KDE 4).

I am all for removing KSmileTris, because it is broken and even the
 maintainer has no idea about the rules.

> KSmileTris is a KSirtet-clone??? This is a totally different game, and
> actually much more pleasing to the eye than ksirtet. While ksirtet is a
> plain tetris-clone, ksmiletris is a totally different game.

Can you please change the documentation and explain the rules of blocks
disappearing. Do not be too fast with that, because I could not figure that
out together with the original author. They are removed in a unpredictable
way in several situations.

> > I don't recall having any replies against my proposal, with a few
> > indifferent, and at least one (Stephan Kulow) in agreement.
> Maybe my reply wasn't explicit enough, but my answer is *no*. There is
> absolutely no need to remove unique games from kdegames.

If they are broken and nobody knows how they work? Why should we port code
nobody knows what it actually does?

> > Also worthy of consideration for removal is KSame - same basic problems
> > as above, and obsoleted by Klickety.

I disagree with that. I see many people playing KSame in the pauses in my
courses. I never saw anybody playing klickety. klickety might look more like
a KDE app, but thats not what people want in a game.

Klickety is using the KDE Games framework better. (highscores etc.) but it
needs something like the KSame frontend to please people wanting a more
pleasing frontend than Klicketys Tetris frontend. If thats possible, KSame
can be removed IMHO

> Here I have to agree with Andras. Klickety is boring, tiny, and not funny.
> KSame features much better graphics and gameplay.

I agree here.

> [...]
> Hence, it is absolutely not necessary to cripple the fainting 3.x line by
> removing long-served applications.

KSmileTris is not even understood by the original author anymore, the rules
 in the documentation are wrong, and the only solution I did find together
 with the author was to write:

" The goal of the game is to find out the rules and send them to
endres at kde.org"

I did not do that yet, but I will soon if it stays the way it is now.



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