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Fri Aug 12 16:00:44 BST 2005

By popular request, here is a rundown of some of the stuff Ill try to
cover about the KMenu at aKademy. This isnt official or anything, so dont
be suprised if my presentation doesnt follow this format.

Research-based alternatives to the Kmenu

Objectives: Everyone knows KMenu is a mess, but theyre not sure what to do
about it. This persentation will give background on information management
and interaction design, some of the current research in these areas, how
it applies to KDE and the KMenu, and some examples.

- Intro to the KMenu and some of its problems
  * What is the KMenu and where did it come from?
  * Information architecture issues
  * Usability and interaction issues

- User's needs and wants
  * Easy access to frequently used applications and documents
  * Protection from information overload
  * Easily maintained, protection from getting too big and out
    of control
  * A way to explore and learn, but not be overwhelmed
  * Something that adapts to their habits and usage patterns

- Some current research to catch up on
  * Usability of menus
  * Information management habits
  * User's models of applications and documents
  * Information seeking strategies
  * Adaptive information

- The research stuff that applies to KDE
  * How current research contrasts KMenu's current execution
  * What do users need, and what are they willing to 'search' for?
  * Why is customization and adaptation important
  * Physical contraints, what is too much or too little information?
  * Seperating tasks and simplifying information
  * ...

- Finally, lets see some examples
  * Often used tasks (applications AND documents)
  * Finding and exploring new and lesser used applications
  * Intelligent systems and adaptation possibilities
  * How this fits better with the KDE experience than the KMenu

- Future development and further work

See you @ aKademy

-- Celeste

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