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Fri Aug 12 09:31:27 BST 2005

On Friday 12 August 2005 01:13, Wilfried Huss wrote:
> Am Thursday, 11. August 2005 23:36 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:

> > what sort of user documentation will be provided for kviewshell for those
> > wishing to work with faxes?
> Currently there is no handbook for kviewshell itself, because until KDE 3.4
> it was only used as the frontend of KDVI, which has its own handbook. And
> I'm not sure if I manage to write one until the message freeze. On the
> other hand KFax doesn't have a handbook either, so the situation would at
> least not become worse.

fair enough then. as long as we don't go backwards as far as documentation 

> > that's really about all i can see being at issue
> > here ... though perhaps i've missed something
> Should I provide a wrapper binary also called kfax, or is it ok that there
> would be a program with a different name to load faxes?

a binary wrapper should be made so that those who are familiar with a program 
called "kfax" will continue to have something that works. it should also 
support, or at least accept, the command line options that kfax currently 
does so as not to break scripts and custom .desktop files.

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