[RFC] "Documents Folder" icon in "system:/"

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Aug 9 05:10:56 BST 2005

James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Kévin Ottens wrote:
>> Le Mardi 2 Août 2005 13:26, James Richard Tyrer a écrit :
>> I'm a strong believer that people starts there video by browsing their 
>> files first (fire up konqui, locate the file, click on it, it reads 
>> it). But I could be wrong on this.
>> Btw, I'm not sure to understand your point correctly. Do you mean that 
>> if Documents!=Home, then the default place is Documents?
> If you set "Documents!=HOME and then put user files in HOME, they aren't
> in the default directory if you go to open them using the KFile dialog.
>> Well, I'm not an artist I doubt that I can make something correct.
> Didn't expect you to draw something, but perhaps you could come up with
> an idea -- a concept.
> So, I attach two concepts.  The first one: "folder_document" has the
> problem that it emphasizes the strict interpretation of "document".  The
> second one which I have called "folder_empty just to give it a different
> name has perhaps the opposite problem, it is perhaps too general.
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