Migrating Qt Crytpographic Architecture to KDE CVS

Brad Hards bradh-p8btFT7fXTmLZ21kGMrzwg at public.gmane.org
Sat Sep 25 02:11:10 BST 2004

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004 02:35 am, Justin Karneges wrote:
> Yes, I think we had meant the same thing.  I had no immediate plans to
> write API docs or deal with unit tests yet, but if QCA were in KDE CVS,
> then it would be easy for someone else to come along and just do it (read:
> Brad). This is what I meant by you guys being the 'maintainers'.  I suppose
> that was a bad word choice, since I'd still be the one cutting the
> releases.  What I was implying is that you guys will probably be doing more
> than me when it comes to commits, at least for the next few months. :)
> In short, sounds good to me.
Here is the short version of the plan (and there is no long version yet, we'll 
make it up as we go along):

1. Justin makes up a tarball of the QCA part of his CVS tree and sends it to 
me. Obviously it would be a bad idea to commit anything to that version of 
2. I send it to the KDE CVS gods, and get them to unpack it in the kdesupport 
3. In parallel, I'll update the website HTML, and get it installed somewhere 
on http://developer.kde.org
4. When the CVS tree is working on cvs.kde.org, I'll do a test commit (of the 
unittest part, probably) and make sure it is all working. I'm currently 
looking at how much it is going to take to get a Windows version of Qt 
running locally, for testing.
5. We announce the success to the world, and look for other people to do work 
for which we can take credit :-)

Open issues:
A. How do we handle the mailing list? Does it stay on the [Delta] list, or do 
we move it to a KDE server? 
B. Do we want to define a release schedule?

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