Fwd: Re: [Delta] [patch] Additional hash functions for QCA

Justin Karneges justin-psi at affinix.com
Mon Sep 20 17:35:40 BST 2004

(note: bcc'ing back to delta)

On Monday 20 September 2004 05:55 am, Matt Rogers wrote:
> > Probably the best move would be to migrate to KDE CVS, and then let you
> > guys go hog wild with docs, extras, etc.  You'll effectively be the
> > maintainers.
> My "idea" for the import of QCA would be something along the lines of this:
> We import it into kdesupport. This will make it easier to keep the things
> from happening to it that we don't want to happen to it, namely keeping it
> cross-platform compatible. It will also allow you to do seperate releases,
> etc. since the kdesupport module doesn't follow the normal kde release
> schedule rules
> Maybe some API documentation will get added. Brad seems to be a master at
> that.

Yes, I think we had meant the same thing.  I had no immediate plans to write 
API docs or deal with unit tests yet, but if QCA were in KDE CVS, then it 
would be easy for someone else to come along and just do it (read: Brad).  
This is what I meant by you guys being the 'maintainers'.  I suppose that was 
a bad word choice, since I'd still be the one cutting the releases.  What I 
was implying is that you guys will probably be doing more than me when it 
comes to commits, at least for the next few months. :)

In short, sounds good to me.


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