File drop popup menu removal

Uwe Thiem uwix at
Tue Sep 7 17:56:36 BST 2004

On Monday 06 September 2004 20:19, Ishai Asa wrote:

> As previously noted, Unix do hide mountpoint well. If we still want to
> perform copy when we transcend mountpoint boundaries, that's open to
> discussion.

Not for any mountpoint but removable media are different. If I drag and drop a 
file from or to a floppy, USB stick, my digital camera, a zip drive or 
whatsoever I really want to copy in almost all cases.

Network protocols are a similar matter. If I drag and drop a file from my 
local harddrive to my website using webdav I definitely want the file to 
*stay* on my local drive. So it's a copy. Same for uploads to FTP sites.

I do concur that moves on the local harddrive (actually within my home 
directory - I shouldn't have write access to other parts of the system anyway 
except /tmp and such) usually are *moves*. "Usually" is not good enough to 
make that the default without reconfirmation. I *do* copy files around in my 
home directory for burning a CD, for getting some of my photos to my local 
copy of my web site and such. 

Could it be that you generalise your workstyle without taking into account 
that other people might work differently?

We should leave this to the usability people who (hopefully ;-) base decisions 
on a broader basis than their own experience or style.


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