File drop popup menu removal

Szombathelyi György gyurco at
Mon Sep 6 12:16:00 BST 2004


David Faure wrote:
> You mean not showing the popup, too, then?
> I hate this semi-clever behavior in Windows.
> Any program which tries to guess what the user wants is bound to fail.
> And any program which modifies its behavior based on something that
> is more or less hidden to the user (isn't the whole idea of mountpoints
> to *hide* the filesystem separations?) is bad behavior.

If that counts, I'm against the removing the popup window, and I hate 
this in Windows, too. (Actually I like the popup in KDE). I can say this 
after teaching some users of various ctrl+drop, ctrl+shif+drop methods - 
they forget it after one day.


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