Incidents, once in a while

Torsten Rahn torsten.rahn at
Wed Sep 1 22:48:26 BST 2004

> > By writing here arguing to that same group of people how badly you have
> > been treated is not really going to get you the attention you need.
> >
> > I would really like you to take a moment; stand back and think about WHY
> > so many people feel your actions are not really helping the community.
> <aol>What he said</aol>
> Aaron's replies (and the lack of other people replying) was largely due to
> the fact that most of us at aKademy felt he was dealing with it fine, and
> he was replying with at least the implicit (at least) approval of most of
> the people there.   He certainly had mine.
> The thing is, in case this isn't clear, we'd like you to be on the team. 
> You have energy, and enthusiasm, and nobody has a problem with that.  You
> just have to learn how to *be on the team*, and as far as most of us are
> concerned, when it's the usability team,  Aaron is the captain.    So far
> it's more like we're entered in a 4x100m relay, and you're doing the
> backstroke.  That's not working.
> Regards,

Same opinion here.

Torsten Rahn

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