Password and User kcm module

Frans Englich frans.englich at
Thu Oct 21 19:17:34 BST 2004

On Thursday 21 October 2004 17:19, Chris Howells wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed the Password and User kcm module recently, and I am very confused
> by its existence:
> * (click the button to change your image) -- what image? why do I need an
> image? 

The idea is probably KDM/login things. We could comment it out, until someone 
decides to do something conscious about it(what an embarrassing design 

> Reading the code suggests that it is the .face image, in which case 
> it directly and incompatibly conflics with the kdm kcontrol module

That bug needs fixing then.

> * Name: Does this get updated in /etc/passwd if I change it?

Why don't you try? Or you mean it should, but doesn't? It does on my setup.

> * Organisation: Where is this used?
> Email address: Where is this used? what if I have more than one e-mail
> address? how do I know which one I need?
> * Smtp server: where is this used? What is sending email?

KDE has the simple API KEMailSettings for personality data. AFAIK, it's used 
by KOffice for template/document info data, and similar situations. KMail has 
the possibility to use the KControl settings when setting up identities.

The PIM folks have probably already figured this out, but the question is how 
KDE should handle identities: Should it all be in KControl, or should it be 
in the relevant apps(kmail, pim)? I think for various reasons such settings 
should be in pim, but still basic info can be good to have globally(which 
leads us to where we are now). Name, email, organization, are info which are 
used in documents and such things.

However, stretching it to technical details such as account setup is to go too 
far, IMO, so the SMTP settings is out of place. IIRC I probably tried to nuke 
it, but it's used in kscd's CDDB submission. Is the settings used somewhere 
else? Can it be moved to KSCD?

I've thought about this before; AFAICT, KMail shouldn't have a special option 
for importing from KControl, but automatically load it as default(when 
setting up identity).

> * password promot: What password prompt? kwallet password prompts? kdesu
> prompts? kdm? all of the above?

All of above, probably. All which respect the global line edit echo setting. 
Why would the user think it doesn't apply globally? If he/she does, how can 
it be phrased better?

> IMO this module adds nothing to what is already in KDE, and in fact is
> deeply confusing.

The vast majority of modules in KControl are bloated, unmaintained, 
duplicated, and is way off our targeting audience. Without looking at 
kcm_useraccount it likely is bloated, as the rest of modules. The problem is, 
as soon you questions a configuration option, or asks "Is this really 
necessary?" you'll get this storm of "stop dumbing down", "stop GNOMEfying", 
"go back to Winblows", "my dog needs it and therefore everyone should have 
it" etc. I wrote kcm_useraccount which replaced three other modules, so it's 
at least better than it was from the start.

Other than that, it's the standard reply when it comes to KControl: Large 
changes happens in KDE 4. And that means for everyone to be involved, as for 
everything else in KDE&usability, to become really popular.



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