Password and User kcm module

Richard Lärkäng nouseforaname at
Thu Oct 21 20:01:17 BST 2004

On Thursday 21 October 2004 20.17, Frans Englich wrote:
> However, stretching it to technical details such as account setup is to go
> too far, IMO, so the SMTP settings is out of place. IIRC I probably tried
> to nuke it, but it's used in kscd's CDDB submission. Is the settings used
> somewhere else? Can it be moved to KSCD?

I guess it could be removed instead if there's no other place it is used, I'm 
going to change submitting CDDB information to use HTTP by default after a 
bit more testing, so SMTP-settings would only be used if the user actually 
went to the configuration page and changed it to use SMTP.


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