Password and User kcm module

Kenneth Wimer wimer at
Thu Oct 21 18:42:43 BST 2004

* Chris Howells <howells at> [Oct 21. 2004 19:24]:
> Hi,
> I noticed the Password and User kcm module recently, and I am very confused by 
> its existence:
> * (click the button to change your image) -- what image? why do I need an 
> image? Reading the code suggests that it is the .face image, in which case it 
> directly and incompatibly conflics with the kdm kcontrol module
> * Name: Does this get updated in /etc/passwd if I change it?
> * Organisation: Where is this used?
> Email address: Where is this used? what if I have more than one e-mail 
> address? how do I know which one I need?
> * Smtp server: where is this used? What is sending email?

Seems to me this stuff belongs in Kwallet, KMail, one palce to
configure it is not bad, but it is somewhat unclear what this module

> * password promot: What password prompt? kwallet password prompts? kdesu 
> prompts? kdm? all of the above?

It is the normal user account password. Perhaps this should be explained


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