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Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at
Fri Oct 15 11:55:43 BST 2004

Andras Mantia wrote:
>I'm also wondering if this means that the server side database grows
>that much or even the amount that you will download during a checkout,
>update increases (so the local checkout increases as well).

The amount of data downloaded or uploaded should be roughly the same, I'd 
venture. The protocol is different, for sure, but the database itself isn't 
transferred. The protocol is completely agnostic to that.

However, your checkouts will increase in size. The current Subversion 
working dir module saves a copy of every file inside .svn dirs, which means 
your srcdirs double in size.

If you use svk, it has it's own WC implementation (called XD, as the next 
letters in the alphabet) that doesn't save the file twice. But you lose 
disconnected diffs.

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