Can DCOP/DBUS do publish/subscribe for events?

Juergen Pfennig info at
Sat Oct 9 17:59:13 BST 2004


I just wrote some Multi-Media-Center stuff (zapdvb) and found that I would 
like if all players would listen to some event like "stopPlaying" that would 
be issued by any other player when it starts playing. The reason behind: it 
makes little sense to play a CD and a Radio-Station at the same time.

Currently KDE players do not implement such behavior, could it be that the 
infrastructure is missing? Is there any publish/subscribe mechanism in KDE 
that applications can use to broadcast information (e.g. events)? And what 
about letting us define some standard events that applications should listen 
to? See the Multi-Media-Center problem.

I am not talking of X11 stuff or of any UNIX-signals.

Yours J├╝rgen

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