kde release changelog idea

Kévin Ottens ervin at ipsquad.net
Thu Oct 14 11:22:23 BST 2004

Le Jeudi 14 Octobre 2004 12:08, Waldo Bastian a écrit :
> [...]  Or maybe just use "BUG:" as I proposed in my other
> message, but without an actual number, to indicate that it is a bug-fix
> that doesn't have an entry in bugzilla.
> I guess instead of "CHANGELOG" we should then have "FEATURE:" to mark
> commits that introduce new features, optionally followed by the bugreport
> number(s) of a wishlist item.

This is an interesting approach... and as I think of it, maybe it could even 
make Derek Kite's work on the weekly cvs digest easier.

Moreover since I'm really lazy I'd really prefer "BUG:" and "FEATURE:" 
keywords than the current "CCMAIL" (for bugs and features of course).

It was just my 2 cents...

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