[patch] enhanced file properties dialog

Kévin Ottens ervin at ipsquad.net
Mon Oct 11 21:32:07 BST 2004

Le Lundi 11 Octobre 2004 21:16, Martin Koller a écrit :
> Aha. Never tried this (I was just using what I had on my desktop "for
> ages" ...)
> OK, I now checked this new feature, but to be honest, it's not what a user
> want's:
> I can only select if I want to see ALL devices of a certain type -
> I don't care about my mounted / disk - I know it's always there.
> But I do care about the mounted /dev/hda3 partition as I mount it only when
> I need it. And I can not remove the ones I don't want to see.
> So what's the point with those ?

Hmmm... kdesktop could be improved to allow to hide specific devices (not only 
type based hiding). I implemented this in the companion kicker applet 

> Also when I rename one Icon to display Win-C (my windows C: partition),
> I'm no longer able to see what devicefile it really is (neither in the
> tooltip nor in the Properties). A "Location: / (devices)" in the properties
> says nothing to me.

Maybe we could use the Meta Info tab to display this.

> And in the Meta Info tab I only get 0 numbers ... even for /
> (And the "mountpoint used by" RMB menu just gives an error dialog:
> "This device is not supported by this feature
> If this happens, please send a bug report containing information which
> device type this is")

I can only say that devices:/ is in an unknown state to me. I worked a bit on 
it, but it has been decided during aKademy to write a replacement.

It's available in kdebase/kioslave/media, you can test it using media:/

I've not worked on the konq_popupmenu and kdesktop integration yet but it's 
planned. Then I'll try to take care of the issues you have currently with 

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