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Martin Koller m.koller at surfeu.at
Mon Oct 11 20:16:29 BST 2004

On Monday 11 October 2004 20:27, David Faure wrote:
> ? There isn't always a device tab...
> That's only for device .desktop files, IIRC.

Then nevertheless I show a fillgrade bar in the device tab (where one expects 
to see details of a device).

> > For a folder the information is correct, because the folder resides on
> > the device whose fillgrade you see, and therefore also the folder has the
> > possibility to fill what is left.
> Yes, but 100MB is more informative than 97% (which the progressbar shows).

The bar was only meant in addition to the textual representation.
But okay, maybe it really attracts too much...

> > For a file it is really questionable why we show the space information.
> ? Do we? Oh indeed. Never realized that.
> I would accept a patch that changes it to only do it for directories.

Good. Will change that.

> > How can this be solved ?
> You're looking at old-style .desktop files instead of the new-style
> "devices on desktop" feature, right? So one fix is to use the latter.

Aha. Never tried this (I was just using what I had on my desktop "for 
ages" ...)
OK, I now checked this new feature, but to be honest, it's not what a user 
I can only select if I want to see ALL devices of a certain type -
I don't care about my mounted / disk - I know it's always there.
But I do care about the mounted /dev/hda3 partition as I mount it only when I 
need it. And I can not remove the ones I don't want to see.
So what's the point with those ?

Also when I rename one Icon to display Win-C (my windows C: partition),
I'm no longer able to see what devicefile it really is (neither in the tooltip 
nor in the Properties). A "Location: / (devices)" in the properties says 
nothing to me.
And in the Meta Info tab I only get 0 numbers ... even for /

(And the "mountpoint used by" RMB menu just gives an error dialog:
"This device is not supported by this feature
If this happens, please send a bug report containing information which device 
type this is")

> > Another issue with the folder properties:
> > There is a "Meta Info" Tab which is shows size/items of the first level
> > folder-content - which should really be integrated into the first tab.
> > I suggest to remove that Meta-Info completely for the folder and merge it
> > into the first one.
> If you mean in general, I strongly disagree.

No, I don't mean in general. Meta infos are indeed useful.

> If you mean for directories: if all the info provided by the metainfo is
> already there (or can easily be made to be), then we could hide the
> metainfo tab indeed.


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