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Michael Buesch mbuesch at
Fri Oct 8 12:44:19 BST 2004

Quoting Frans Englich <frans.englich at>:
> On Friday 08 October 2004 11:03, Michael Buesch wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I just wrote a tiny panel applet for easily comparing two strings.
> > The purpose of this applet is to be as easy and featureless as possible.
> > It's only to compare two strings.
> >
> > I wrote this, because I needed such an applet in KDE for ages. For
> > example to quickly compare MD5SUMs.
> >
> > So what about an inclusion of this applet in kdebase/kicker/applets ?
> > If nobody complains, I will commit this.
> I also doubts its relevancy for KDE's audience in general.
> I find a quote from Apple's HIG almost always insightsfull for feature 
> additions in open source projects:
> <blockquote>
> During the design process, you may discover problems with your product design. 
> You can use the 80 percent solution to help determine how to solve those 
> problems. The 80 percent solution means your design meets the needs of at 
> least 80 percent of your users. If you try to design for the 20 percent of 
> your target audience who are power users, your design will not be usable by 
> the majority of your users. Even though those 20 percent are likely to have 
> good ideas and probably think a lot like you, the majority of people may not 
> be like the 20 percent who are elite users of your product. Involving a broad 
> range of users in your design process will help you find the best solution 
> for 80 percent of your users.
> </blockquote>

But this feature will be disabled by default.
The users who need this (the 20 percent, if I understood it correctly),
can enable it and the 80 percent don't notice it.

So I agree, that it's not good to include this in kdebase, but
what about kdeaddons/kicker-applets ?

> Cheers,
>  Frans

Regards Michael Buesch  [ ]

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