New string compare panel applet

Frans Englich frans.englich at
Fri Oct 8 12:43:55 BST 2004

On Friday 08 October 2004 11:03, Michael Buesch wrote:
> Hi,
> I just wrote a tiny panel applet for easily comparing two strings.
> The purpose of this applet is to be as easy and featureless as possible.
> It's only to compare two strings.
> I wrote this, because I needed such an applet in KDE for ages. For
> example to quickly compare MD5SUMs.
> So what about an inclusion of this applet in kdebase/kicker/applets ?
> If nobody complains, I will commit this.

I also doubts its relevancy for KDE's audience in general.

I find a quote from Apple's HIG almost always insightsfull for feature 
additions in open source projects:

During the design process, you may discover problems with your product design. 
You can use the 80 percent solution to help determine how to solve those 
problems. The 80 percent solution means your design meets the needs of at 
least 80 percent of your users. If you try to design for the 20 percent of 
your target audience who are power users, your design will not be usable by 
the majority of your users. Even though those 20 percent are likely to have 
good ideas and probably think a lot like you, the majority of people may not 
be like the 20 percent who are elite users of your product. Involving a broad 
range of users in your design process will help you find the best solution 
for 80 percent of your users.



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