double sized icons still needed ?

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at
Sun Nov 28 11:54:39 GMT 2004

[Martin Koller, Sonntag, 28. November 2004 11:05]
> So I'm wondering, if/where this setting has relevance at all?

A lot of partially sighted people prefer really huge icon sizes.

Currently you cannot select bigger icons sizes than  16 for small icons, 
48 for toolbars, and 128 for the desktop. If you need bigger icons, than 
you can currently only do this by additionally doubling the icon size. Of 
course it would be better to offer icon sizes up to 256 in all cases 
rather than having an additional checkbox.

> Crystal SVG has already sizes up to 128, so do you think we could
> remove this option ?

The problem is that Crystal SVG has only a small part of the icons really 
in size 128, becuase (contrary to its name) only a small part of the 
icons are really in SVG format. If you scale a PNG icon up, then 
double-sizing the icons is better for partially sighted people than 
scaling them the normal way:

The proper solution is of course to add SVG versions of all icons to the 
stanrd KDE icon set. However, this would require a lot of work, and from 
an accessibility point of view, this work would be better spend on 
ensuring that the planned monochrome SVG icon set contains all icons. 
Assuming that more sizes are selectable and that the new monochrome icon 
set will be more or less complete, the option can be removed for KDE 3.4 


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