KDElibs: KSystemTray: On window close dialog

Sébastien Laoût [temporar] les83plus at free.fr
Tue Nov 23 01:27:56 GMT 2004


Yes I'm back :-)
As usualy, I'm always waiting the last minute to do things.
Since freeze is soon, it's time to hurry up me :-/

So, I've worked to:
- Get the dialog don't show if there isn't any systray area
  or it is hidden.
- But before try to show/raise this area.

Sources are joined.

I'm facing one problem: if the kicker is under other windows I'm trying
to raise it, wait 1 second for a refresh, take the screenshot and then
show the message box.
But the raising is done JUST AFTER the message box is shown!
Even if I insert kapp->processEvents(), wait, use all the available KWin
methods... It does nothing.

Is anyone has an idea of what is the problem?
It's on point 4. in the code.
Also, kapp->widgetAt() seems to don't work on systray.

I will also look at how to add a "warning" color to KDE colorsheme.

Best regards,

Sébastien Laoût.

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	  * Call this method when the user clicked the close button of the window
	  * (the [x]) to inform him that the application sit in the system tray
	  * and willn't be closed (as he is used to).
	  * You usualy call it from reimplemented KMainWindow::queryClose()
	  * @author Sébastien Laoût
	  * @since 3.4
	void displayCloseMessage(QString fileMenu = "");

void KSystemTray::displayCloseMessage(QString fileMenu)
	*  - Use queuedMessageBox() but it need a dontAskAgainName parameter
	*    and image in QMimeSourceFactory shouldn't be removed.
	*  - Sometimes the systray icon is coever (a passive popup...)
	*    Use XComposite extension, if available, to get the kicker pixmap.
	*  - Perhapse desaturate the area around the proper SysTray icon,
	*    helping bring it into sharper focus. Or draw the cicle with XOR
	*    brush.
	*  - Perhapse add the icon in the text (eg. "... in the
	*    system tray ([icon])."). Add some clutter to the dialog.
#if KDE_IS_VERSION( 3, 1, 90 )
	// Don't do all the computations if they are unneeded:
	if ( ! KMessageBox::shouldBeShownContinue("hideOnCloseInfo") )
	// "Default parameter". Here, to avoid a i18n() call and dependancy in the .h
	if (fileMenu.isEmpty())
		fileMenu = i18n("File");

	// Some values we need:
	QPoint g = mapToGlobal(pos());
	int desktopWidth  = kapp->desktop()->width();
	int desktopHeight = kapp->desktop()->height();
	int tw = width();
	int th = height();

	// We are triying to make a live screenshot of the systray icon to circle it
	//  and show it to the user. If no systray is used or if the icon is not visible,
	//  we should not show that screenshot but only a text!

	// 1. Determine if the user use a system tray area or not:
	QCString screenstr;
	QCString trayatom = "_NET_SYSTEM_TRAY_S" + screenstr;
	bool useSystray = (KSelectionWatcher(trayatom).owner() != None);

	// 2. And then if the icon is visible too (eg. this->show() has been called):
	useSystray = useSystray && isVisible();

	// 3. Kicker (or another systray manager) can be visible but masked out of
	//    the screen (ie. on right or on left of it). We check if the icon isn't
	//    out of screen.
	if (useSystray) {
		QRect deskRect(0, 0, desktopWidth, desktopHeight);
		if ( !deskRect.contains(g.x(), g.y()) ||
		     !deskRect.contains(g.x() + tw, g.y() + th) )
			useSystray = false;

	// 4. We raise the window containing the systray icon (typically the kicker) to
	//    have the most chances it is visible during the capture:
	if (useSystray) {
		// We are testing if one of the corners is hidden, and if yes, we would enter
		// a time consuming process (raise kicker and wait some time):
//		if (kapp->widgetAt(g) != this ||
//		    kapp->widgetAt(g + QPoint(tw-1, 0)) != this ||
//		    kapp->widgetAt(g + QPoint(0, th-1)) != this ||
//		    kapp->widgetAt(g + QPoint(tw-1, th-1)) != this) {
			int systrayManagerWinId = topLevelWidget()->winId();
			kapp->processEvents(); // Because without it the systrayManager is raised only after the messageBox is displayed
//			KWin::activateWindow(systrayManagerWinId);
//			kapp->processEvents(); // Because without it the systrayManager is raised only after the messageBox is displayed
//			KWin::raiseWindow(systrayManagerWinId);
//			kapp->processEvents(); // Because without it the systrayManager is raised only after the messageBox is displayed
			// TODO: Re-verify that at elast one corner is now visible
//		}

//	KMessageBox::information(this, QString::number(g.x()) + ":" + QString::number(g.y()) + ":" +
//	                         QString::number((int)(kapp->widgetAt(g+QPoint(1,1)))));

	QString message = i18n(
		"<p>Closing the main window will keep %1 running in the system tray. "
		"Use <b>Quit</b> from the <b>%2</b> menu to quit the application.</p>"
			).arg(KGlobal::instance()->aboutData()->programName(), "Basket");
	// We are sure the systray icon is visible: ouf!
	if (useSystray) {
		// Compute size and position of the pixmap to be grabbed:
		int w = desktopWidth / 4;
		int h = desktopHeight / 9;
		int x = g.x() + tw/2 - w/2; // Center the rectange in the systray icon
		int y = g.y() + th/2 - h/2;
		if (x < 0)                 x = 0; // Move the rectangle to stay in the desktop limits
		if (y < 0)                 y = 0;
		if (x + w > desktopWidth)  x = desktopWidth - w;
		if (y + h > desktopHeight) y = desktopHeight - h;

		// Grab the desktop and draw a circle arround the icon:
		QPixmap shot = QPixmap::grabWindow(qt_xrootwin(), x, y, w, h);
		QPainter painter(&shot);
		const int CIRCLE_MARGINS = 6;
		const int CIRCLE_WIDTH   = 3;
		const int SHADOW_OFFSET  = 1;
		const int IMAGE_BORDER   = 1;
		int ax = g.x() - x - CIRCLE_MARGINS - 1;
		int ay = g.y() - y - CIRCLE_MARGINS - 1;
		painter.setPen( QPen(KApplication::palette().active().dark(), CIRCLE_WIDTH) );
		painter.drawArc(ax + SHADOW_OFFSET, ay + SHADOW_OFFSET,
		                tw + 2*CIRCLE_MARGINS, th + 2*CIRCLE_MARGINS, 0, 16*360);
		painter.setPen( QPen(Qt::red/*KApplication::palette().active().highlight()*/, CIRCLE_WIDTH) );
		painter.drawArc(ax, ay, tw + 2*CIRCLE_MARGINS, th + 2*CIRCLE_MARGINS, 0, 16*360);

		// Then, we add a border arround the image to make it more visible:
		QPixmap finalShot(w + 2*IMAGE_BORDER, h + 2*IMAGE_BORDER);
		painter.drawPixmap(IMAGE_BORDER, IMAGE_BORDER, shot);

		// Associate source to image and show the dialog:
		QMimeSourceFactory::defaultFactory()->setPixmap("systray_shot", finalShot);
			message + "<p><center><img source=\"systray_shot\"></center></p>",
			i18n("Docking in System Tray"), "hideOnCloseInfo");
		QMimeSourceFactory::defaultFactory()->setData("systray_shot", 0L);
	} else {
			i18n("Docking in System Tray"), "hideOnCloseInfo");

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