Modified KPasswordDialog

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Mon Nov 22 18:42:51 GMT 2004

Le Lundi 22 Novembre 2004 12:41, Andrew Coles a écrit :
> OK, I've made the proposed modification now to avoid breaking binary
> compatiblity.  Now the changes made in the header file consist solely of
> adding non-virtual public functions - no extra variables.
> is where it is; is it okay to commit?

Shouldn't the following line depends of glopalgs properties. I personaly use 
only one * per letters.

+    setMaxLength(3 * (PassLen - 1)); // 3 * the internal max length

I also noticed some new function haven't the @since 3.4 in their 

Personaly, I think we could set de default StrengthWarningLevel to 1.

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