KDE 4 Development book

Huberto Gastal Mayer beto at debian-rs.org
Tue Nov 16 13:16:12 GMT 2004

Josef Spillner wrote:

> Am Freitag, 12. November 2004 09:23 schrieb Frerich Raabe:
>> So, any input on this? What topics should be covered? Who wants to
>> contribute? How does the whole book-writing business work anyway (maybe
>> some of the folks who contributes to the andamooka(sp?) book can say
>> something)?
> There's still a kdeev-books list, without recent activity:
> http://lists.kde.org/?l=kdeev-books&r=1&w=2
> It should also be noted that the Brazilian Portuguese translation effort
> to the KDE 2.0 book includes updates, code fixes and so on.
> http://codigolivre.org.br/projects/kdedevelbr/
> Josef

I am the coordinator of project kdedevelbr 
(http://kdedevelbr.codigolivre.org.br) who wants translate to portuguese the 
book "KDE 2.0 Development" (http://kde20development.andamooka.org).
To make our translation free of versions,  we decide remove "2.0" from book 
Beyond translate, we  want:
- up date content,
- up date code examples,
- adapt tutorials to new materials (for exemple the Using KConfig XT Tutorial 
by Zack Rusin, etc)
- remove obsolet content,
- write new chapters.

Hélio Castro was sugest re-translate to english beyond the end of work, and I 
think we can start now.
We are making this in docbook. I maked some toolbars for Quanta to make easy 
the docbook formatting and a engeene in PHP to possibility write comments 
on-line in the book pages and syntax highlights to code examples. 
I can start the english version of this book.
What you think about?

[ ]s


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