XML Schema for XML GUI

Frans Englich frans.englich at telia.com
Wed Nov 10 13:57:55 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 10 November 2004 13:39, Matt Rogers wrote:
> On Wednesday 10 November 2004 07:09 am, Frans Englich wrote:
> > Folks,
> >
> > I wrote a XML Schema for KXMLGUI, it's attached. It dictates the "gui"
> > version, instead of the deprecated "kpartgui". It validates against
> > random files :), but has TODOs sprinkled all over since I'm not intimate
> > with the format, and some of it looks suspicious. I'll commit it to
> > kdelibs/kdeui in a couple of days, unless someone objects.
> >
> > Now.. Combined with that documentation for the KXMLGUI is practically
> > non-existant, this makes an excellent opportunity for brushing up the
> > face outwards. David's script could copy the schema to
> > www.kde.org/standards, and a grande "KXMLGUI -- KDE's user interface XML
> > framework", a shiny, extensive, technical reference at developer.kde.org
> > documented the innards of it, while the Schema had its last polish.
> >
> > I'll update the Schema as requested, but the document at DKO.. Takers? :)
> I'll do this if nobody else with more experience steps up. However, I
> encourage anybody who wants to do it more than I do to take it. :)

IIRC, David talked about writing it, but I think he have become sick, 
suddenly. :) Perhaps you could join forces?

> > BTW, we should have naming guidelines for XML formats, such that our
> > frameworks can come out consistent for KDE 4. I'll try to cook something
> > up, at some point, for KDE Policies.
> I don't agree with having naming guidelines. I don't like the idea of
> having to restrict what I name my files. (if that's what you intend to use
> them for) It is my code, after all.

I was thinking about naming pattern for attributes and elements for formats in 
public usages. We have naming schemes(how informal they may be) for our c++ 
APIs, and I thought it could be an idea to have that too for our XML APIs. 
So, it wouldn't affect file names, or internal formats such as Kate's syntax 
files(in case someone thinks of changing existing formats and nevertheless 
wants to use the guidelines).



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