XML Schema for XML GUI

Leo Savernik l.savernik at aon.at
Wed Nov 10 15:14:02 GMT 2004

Am Mittwoch, 10. November 2004 14:09 schrieb Frans Englich:
> David's script could copy the schema to www.kde.org/standards, and
> a grande "KXMLGUI -- KDE's user interface XML framework", a shiny,
> extensive, technical reference at developer.kde.org documented the innards
> of it, while the Schema had its last polish.

Isn't it possible to autogenerate the whole documentation from the schema? All 
the elements, attributes, entities etc. should be documented like the 
C++-code is documented with doxygen-comments, and then the doc is simply 
regenerated for each release.

Otherwise, the doc tends to go out of sync quickly.

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