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Wed Nov 3 19:56:47 GMT 2004

Le Mercredi 3 Novembre 2004 20:35, George Staikos a écrit :
> On Wednesday 03 November 2004 14:41, Richard Smith wrote:

> > One question: why? What's wrong with KopetePassword? 


> > It supports a lot of 
> > functionality that Kopete needs, that your KPassword class does not
> > provide (such as caching the password, async password retrieval,
> > prompting the user for the password, caching the wallet pointer, avoiding
> > nested event loops, handling a 'remember password' checkbox and a
> > 'password is wrong' flag, dealing with the user refusing to open the
> > wallet, providing a
> > password-editing widget, providing a KConfig fallback, having been used
> > for a while so bugs have been found, etc).

Yes, i wanted to add it alter.
I used KopetePassword as model.

> > Why not instead consider KopetePassword for inclusion in kdelibs (after a
> > rename, of course)? Only the wallet folder name is Kopete-specific
> > (that's hard-coded in in kopetewalletmanager.cpp).

Yes, it's what i'm trying to do with that.
But KopetePassword has several things that are kopete specific.  the KWallet 
thing is one thing,   but also the KConfig stuff.

in my KPassword i tried to make simple, without having to keep the object. 
(but this seems needed if we want to cache the password,  unless we want to 
start with static stuff)

>    Again, please see my concerns.  Why exactly does Kopete::WalletManager
> open the wallet asynchronously sometimes, but synchronously others?

That's kopete internal.
protocols that uses the KopetePasswordedAccount API load it assync.
the old API is deprecated, but some protocol (Oscar) still uses it.  Anyway, 
this is going to change.

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