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Wed Nov 3 19:35:42 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 03 November 2004 14:41, Richard Smith wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 November 2004 17:51, Olivier Goffart wrote:
> > About KPasswordDialog,
> > I wrote few times ago a class KPassword that make the automation of
> > saving the result of a KPasswordDialog in the KWallet, or retreive it
> > from there if it already exist.
> >
> > I plan to use it in Kopete insteads of the KopetePassword
> One question: why? What's wrong with KopetePassword? It supports a lot of
> functionality that Kopete needs, that your KPassword class does not provide
> (such as caching the password, async password retrieval, prompting the user
> for the password, caching the wallet pointer, avoiding nested event loops,
> handling a 'remember password' checkbox and a 'password is wrong' flag,
> dealing with the user refusing to open the wallet, providing a
> password-editing widget, providing a KConfig fallback, having been used for
> a while so bugs have been found, etc).
> Why not instead consider KopetePassword for inclusion in kdelibs (after a
> rename, of course)? Only the wallet folder name is Kopete-specific (that's
> hard-coded in in kopetewalletmanager.cpp).

   Again, please see my concerns.  Why exactly does Kopete::WalletManager open 
the wallet asynchronously sometimes, but synchronously others?

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