Suggestion - cleanup of Appearance & Themes

Aaron Seigo aseigo at
Mon Nov 1 22:00:19 GMT 2004

On November 1, 2004 14:55, Jason Keirstead wrote:
> While exploring the new "Theme Manager" option, it came to my attention
> that you can access the Color, Style, Background, Icons, and Screensaver
> control panels all from here, with nice clear buttons.
> At first I was wonrdering, "why are these even here when they are
> duplicated right there on the tree?"

this was on someone's TODO for 3.3 IIRC, but never got TODOne ...

> Then I realized that the kcm could be 
> launched seperatly, and also, that they really are all part of the "theme'
> So, I have a suggestion - why not rename "Theme Manager" to "Look & Feel",
> move the buttons to the top of this  screen (instead of the bottom), change
> the label of the buttons from "Customize your Theme" to "Customize your
> Desktop", and get rid of the options in the tree for these things. This
> would

patches 'n screnshots?

Aaron J. Seigo
Society is Geometric
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