Suggestion - cleanup of Appearance & Themes

Jason Keirstead jason at
Mon Nov 1 21:55:55 GMT 2004

While exploring the new "Theme Manager" option, it came to my attention that 
you can access the Color, Style, Background, Icons, and Screensaver control 
panels all from here, with nice clear buttons.

At first I was wonrdering, "why are these even here when they are duplicated 
right there on the tree?" Then I realized that the kcm could be launched 
seperatly, and also, that they really are all part of the "theme'

So, I have a suggestion - why not rename "Theme Manager" to "Look & Feel", 
move the buttons to the top of this  screen (instead of the bottom), change 
the label of the buttons from "Customize your Theme" to "Customize your 
Desktop", and get rid of the options in the tree for these things. This would

- Unify where to configure these things
- Cut down on duplicated tree items

PS: I also think the splash screen, fonts, and window decorations should be 
part of the theme, but this is more of a wishlist.

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