kfile_lnk plugin

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at gmx.net
Sat May 29 23:10:57 BST 2004

> Maybe I'm wrong, but I think this is simply not implemented.
> I mean, looking into the code of the txt kfile plugin, it opens a file
> (using QFile) to read the metadata. This is similarly done in the HOWTO at
> http://developer.kde.org/documentation/tutorials/kfile-plugin/x154.html
> but doesn't this mean, I can _never_ get meta data from a URL which
> addresses a non-local file ?
> If so, do I have to use KIO::get() or something ?

Yeah, sorry. For the fonts kfile-plugin, I used KIO::NetAccess:download to get 
the file. Maybe for KDE4 the kfile api should use urls?


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