I repeat, lets get KDEvibes into 3.3 ;-)

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Sat May 29 20:03:25 BST 2004

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On Saturday 29 May 2004 20:50, Rob Kaper wrote:
> On Sat, May 29, 2004 at 08:41:20PM +0200, Roger Larsson wrote:
> > What about adding native ogg support in the same way wav?
> Supposedly that has been fixed in HEAD, and arts(play) can now handle Vorbis
> without kdemultimedia. The reason I haven't converted KDE wavs to oggs yet
> is because on my 3.2.2 arts doesn't play Vorbis and I don't like committing
> something I can't test..

Not really.  If you follow the multimedia related bugs you'd see all of the 
problems that arise from the native aRts decoder being used -- 90% of CPU, 
high dropout rates, etc.  It's really not in a usable state.

And this isn't a new thing -- it's been there for a couple of years.

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