I repeat, lets get KDEvibes into 3.3 ;-)

Artemio theman at artemio.net
Sat May 29 21:09:28 BST 2004

On Saturday 29 May 2004 21:50, Rob Kaper wrote:
> Supposedly that has been fixed in HEAD, and arts(play) can now handle
> Vorbis without kdemultimedia. The reason I haven't converted KDE wavs to
> oggs yet is because on my 3.2.2 arts doesn't play Vorbis and I don't like
> committing something I can't test..
Rob, so are you saying that oggs will likely be supported natively by arts in 
3.3? Can we hope for this? We were planning to include 22Khz 16bit wavs, but 
my opinion that this is a kill. In Suse 9.1 we used 320 kbps ogg files and 
the theme took only around 3 megs (with 22Khz wavs it's around 7Mb).

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