I repeat, lets get KDEvibes into 3.3 ;-)

Jorge Bernal "Koke" koke at sindominio.net
Fri May 28 22:08:16 BST 2004

On Viernes, 28 de Mayo de 2004 21:39, Artemio wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> Unfortunately, I can't reach any person responsible for incorporating the
> new sounds/jingles of my KDEvibes project into KDE 3.3.
> The tasks are:
> 1. Remove old .wav sounds
> 2. Add the new .ogg sounds
> 3. Modify the default configuration in KControlCentre (KNotify module) to
> play new sounds instead of old ones.
> Is there anybody who can help me with these? Unfortunately, I cannot get
> the KDE cvs version to prepare a new config for KControlCentre myself, but
> I can guide anyone to assign proper sounds.

I'm not operative until ~9th July because of exams. Whe is the 3.3 "deadline"? 
If no one is interested before I guess can help with that.

> Sincerely,
> Artemio.

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