I repeat, lets get KDEvibes into 3.3 ;-)

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Sat May 29 10:31:14 BST 2004

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On Friday 28 May 2004 21:39, Artemio wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> Unfortunately, I can't reach any person responsible for incorporating the 
> new sounds/jingles of my KDEvibes project into KDE 3.3.
> The tasks are:
> 1. Remove old .wav sounds
> 2. Add the new .ogg sounds
> 3. Modify the default configuration in KControlCentre (KNotify module) to 
> play new sounds instead of old ones.
> Is there anybody who can help me with these? Unfortunately, I cannot get the 
> KDE cvs version to prepare a new config for KControlCentre myself, but I can 
> guide anyone to assign proper sounds.

I talked to Artemio on IRC and will commit the "East West" sounds pending:

*) An audit of our currently used sounds and a replacement of those that are 
currently in use and a note of those that aren't so that they can be removed 
in KDE 4.

*) Sounds in .wav format and dithered to a lower resolution (22 kHz, 16-bit 
mono like the current ones).  We need .wav since aRts by itself -- without 
mpeglib from kdemultimedia -- can't do a reasonably job decoding vorbis 
audio.  We need lower resolution because otherwise the files are larger than 
the rest of kdebase.  ;-)

*) An appropriate license notice covering all of the files.

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